Mission in Jeopardy

A Call for Help!

The vision of this Ministry is towards all humanity. Therefore, the General Overseer (GO) and the members are committed to engaging in varieties of Christian Missions, which include support for spiritual growth and efforts to organize and support humanitarian activities for the needy in our local communities and anywhere in the world.
We have set before ourselves the following objectives:
• To be dynamic spiritual body empowered by the Holy Spirit to teach, baptize, disciple, and help believers realize their spiritual gifts and encourage them to use these gifts in the sharing of the gospel of Christ (Matthew 28:18-20; 1 Corinthians 12).
• To challenge, to inspire and to empower Christian leaders, by delegating ministerial authority to them and place them in Ministry.
• To organize and support humanitarian activities for the needy in our local communities and anywhere in the world.
• To find the eligible children/students for Scholarships at any level of education.
• To set up new Assemblies and Branches of this Ministry in other places within and outside the country(s).
• To monitor those Assemblies of the Ministry, by seeing to their problems, assessing their progress, providing resources and recommending necessary strategies for growth.
• To provide support for other smaller Churches/Christian Groups and Ministries in their effort to reach the unreached. Such groups could contact the General Overseer at acfi@acfiministries.org with their intentions, including affiliation proposal.

ACFI Mission in Europe

In Europe today, there has been a sharp decline in the number of Christians, and for one to say she/he is a Christian is not a big thing and, in most cases, will be received with hostility since the continent is being rapidly secularized. This has resulted in significant resistance to the spread of the gospel in the European continent as a whole so much that most ministries find it difficult to establish churches and carrying on with the work of evangelism, as it is in other parts of the world. The truth remains that Christianity is gradually declining today in Europe a far cry from what it used to be in the early Church, with great missionaries and evangelists from Europe whom some say practically evangelized the world.
However, some ministries believe that notwithstanding the difficulties, Europe can still be evangelized, and the Church be returned to its “glory days.” All Christians’ Fellowship International (ACFI) falls into this category. From its headquarters in the U.S.A (Maryland), and branches in the United Kingdom (London, Hull City, and Scotland), in Italy (Padova, Conegliano, and Bassano), uptight efforts are being directed in this direction, and the Ministry has been training people towards the goal.
This is an attempt to create awareness to the public and the body of Christ, particularly to potential partners who may be moved by the Lord to help support our efforts. The mission of re-evangelizing Europe goes beyond any individual ministry. All Christians’ Fellowship International relies on the generosity of donors, and the Ministry is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. Cash gifts to us are tax-deductible, as provided by law. We now solicit the assistance of the entire body of Christ in these endeavors. Thank you.
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